About Us


Welcome to the Lamar Store, we are back and better than ever! The goal of this “service” is to provide items to Lamar plants priced in a manner that ensures each Lamar plant a “large quantity” per unit price. Normally when a plant orders a small quantity of a product, a price break is not achieved. By taking advantage of Lamar’s entire demand/purchase power and the relationship Lamar has developed with the Barnett Company, you can now utilize lower purchase pricing regardless of quantity ordered.

We are proud to feature an all new collection of Lamar-branded promotional and wearable items to help assist in your sales efforts. In the store, you will find all new items featuring new color schemes, styles, and accessories! Gone are the days of green and white! We now have a diverse selection of modernized promotional and wearable items for you and your clients! These updates make it easier to give Lamar-branded gifts to clients, prospects, and the community.

If you have questions regarding cost, service, or additional items you wish to order, please feel free to contact LamarStore@lamar.com. For questions regarding business cards and stationary, please contact Brandi Brown from Baton Rouge Printing at (800) 624-6892. If you have any concerns regarding quality control, service, or shipping information, please contact the vendor: Mike Barnett at (225) 926-3685 or customerservice@barnettpromo.com.

Please take a few minutes to review the new offerings. Your feedback is very important to us; feel free to share your thoughts, as we would like to incorporate your feedback into our continuing effort to improve the Lamar Store.

If you experience technical difficulties while trying to use the store, please contact webmaster@lamar.com.

Thank you, and enjoy!